"Alone we can do so little; together we can do some much." - Helen Keller

There are many roles for volunteers at Sand Hill Elementary. You can make a difference for your child or others by serving as a volunteer. Volunteers are needed to serve as mentors, read with children, tutor children in all subject areas, chaperone activities, present information on careers and hobbies, and many other roles.  In order to volunteer in the school you must complete the follow steps:

volunteer application.png

Every volunteer must complete the Dorchester District II Volunteer Application.  Form should be returned to your child's teacher.

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Returning parents can complete the online orientation or attend one of the scheduled orientations.  Incoming 4K, Kindergarten and new parents will need to attend a "meet and greet" with the Volunteer Coordinator.

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The SHES Volunteer Acknowledgment Form must be completed online. 

How do I find out about volunteer opportunities?

  • You will start receiving emails from SignUp.com after all steps above are complete
  • Visit and like our Facebook Page
  • Visit our Website
  • PTA Monthly Newsletter


Still have questions? 

SHES  Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Often we find that parents want to be involved but aren't quite sure how.  We’ve included some answers to frequently asked questions as well as a summary of the many ways you can be involved at SHES.  

How do I get started as a SHES Volunteer?

  • Complete the enclosed Dorchester District Two Application for Volunteer Service and return as soon as possible to your child’s teacher.
  • Complete the enclosed SHES Volunteer Interest Form and return as soon as possible to your child’s teacher.
  • Complete a brief online SHES Volunteer Orientation.  You can access the session from the SHES PTA website at sandhillpta.org website at a time of your choosing.  You can find our website from a link from the SHES website.
  • Complete acknowledgement form for completing the orientation.
  • Upon receipt of your Volunteer Forms and verification of your Volunteer Orientation completion, we will complete the approval process.  (It is important to consider the timeframe when planning to volunteer as we are not able to provide “on the spot” approval for anyone who wishes to arrive at school and immediately serve as a volunteer or chaperone a field trip.
  • Incoming  4K and Kindergarten volunteers will need to have a “meet and greet” with the PTA VP of Volunteers before being able to volunteer.

We have been a SHES volunteer in the past, do we still have to complete these steps to volunteer?

  • YES!  These steps are required for ALL volunteers by both our District Office as well as SHES administration.  Completion of these steps will ensure you are up to speed on the current school year’s guidelines and expectations.  The Volunteer Orientation is brief and includes an overview of expectations that are specific to SHES.  Once you complete all 4 steps, you will be places on our list of “Approved SHES Volunteers”.  The SHES front office, faculty and staff will have an updated list of SHES volunteers approved for volunteering.  If you are not on the list, you many not volunteer on SHES campus.  This includes all participation in classroom events, activities and most especially as a Field Trip Chaperone.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  We appreciate your full cooperation with this as the safety and protection  of  our children is the driving force behind our approval system for volunteers.

My schedule doesn’t allow me to volunteer during the school day, are there other options?

  • YES!  We have a variety of programs and events planned at SHES this year and each one has a unique set of volunteer needs.   While many programs take place during the school day, we have just as many needs that can be met from the comforts of your home.  Please let your SHES Volunteer Coordinator know you are available for “after school events or projects”

If I volunteer from home, do I have to complete the approval process to volunteer?

  • Yes!  To volunteer “at home”, we do require completion of the steps noted above.  We strongly encourage all volunteers to complete an online session of the Volunteer Orientation as soon as possible as you never know when your schedule might change or when a fun field trip might be planned.   Full completion of the 4 step process in advance will ensure you are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

How will I be contacted to help for a selected activity or event?

  • We will use the contact information you provided on the DD2 volunteer application and send out emails via SignUp.com.  We will also post all opportunities on our PTA webpage at sandhillpta.org as well as our PTA Facebook page at Sand Hill Elementary School PTA @sandpipers2016.   If your contact information changes throughout the school year, please send updated contact information to volunteer@sandhillpta.org.

Why do you keep a record of volunteer hours throughout the year?

  • The District Office requests total volunteer hours by month for all DD2 schools.  We want to share our TOTAL monthly volunteer hours which includes “at school” and “at home” and “chaperoning field trips” hours.  Our sign in system in the front office tracks our “at school” hours but we do need your help in sharing your “at home’ or “chaperone” hours.  Simply keep track of the time you spend at SHES for volunteer related work and email those to volunteer@sandhillpta.org.  It is very important for volunteers to always sign-in as VOLUNTEER when checking in at the front office.  Only sign-in as a VISITOR for lunch with your student and/or parent-teacher conferences or meetings.  Then sign-out as you are leaving to ensure an accurate record of your volunteer time.

Do you complete background checks on volunteers and why?

  • YES!  We complete a limited background check on all SHES Volunteer before approval to serve is granted.  For those volunteer roles that require one on one interaction with students, we perform a more extensive SLED check.  The reason is simple - SAFETY.  The safety, security and dignity of our students are paramount in everything we co at SHES.  SHES Pipers are SAFE and we do our part to ensure a safe and secure environment for learning and fun.